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Where Are They Now

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Salah satu lagu MR.BIG yang paling saya sukai, walau bukan era nya PG alias Paul Gilbert. Dirilis di tahun 2000 sebagai single dari album kompilasi MR BIG Deep cuts : The Best of the ballads.


Where Are They Now

Staring back from inside my mirror
A boy I used to know
Shining eyes that see right through my window soul
Cowboys, kings and flying aces
Somehow saved the day
We were stealing kisses from the princess in the palace
My Alice through the looking glass
Is there really anything that lasts
Makes me wonder if time is a bullet
‘Cause everything is happening too fast

I loved, I lost
Where are they now
The things I touched
And let them fall
Where are they now
All the people that I’ve known
That turned out to be me
Where are they now

Waiting in a line of five o’clock shadows
Another pencil in the drawer
Tripping over echoes in my head
Wishing I was someone else instead
Makes me wonder if time is my hero
And everything will come around again



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Sepertinya,tidak lain, tidak bukan, inilah lagu wajib di awal bulan juli đŸ™‚

There I was on a July morning
Looking for love
With the strength
Of a new day dawning
And the beautiful sun

At the sound
Of the first bird singing
I was leaving for home
With the storm
And the night behind me
And a road of my own

With the day came the resolution
I’ll be looking for you
La la la la …

I was looking for love
In the strangest places
Wasn’t a stone
That I left unturned
Must have tried more
Than a thousand faces
But not one was aware
Of the fire that burned  

*wira* 1-6-12